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Chip - Dec 1989 - Oct 13, 2007
Last Comment Posted Chip - Dec 1989 - Oct 13, 2007
Hi JJsMom1

The life span of a cockatiel (I had always thought) was 25 to 30 years, but as reading up online about them, the average is 10 to 15 or 15-20, some live to 30 and the oldest cockatiel on record was 35! So as my first assumption thinking the average was 25-30 well I thought Chip had a while to go. It's one week now he's gone, my parakeet mimics his chirp and I sometimes call him Chip out of a reaction. Chip also loved to ride on my dog Barney's back! Barney didn't mind at all. Barney is now going on 15 and health on the decline so this is going to be another very hard thing for me to handle. My hamster "Hammie" also loved to take rides on Barney's back. Hammie I have lit a candle for here but have not developed his page yet. I also have a silky terrier named Benji he's my son's dog, he's only two and a little cutie but no one is like my Barney.

Now onto the cats, back when I lived in New York, I saved this kitten, who all her siblings were already dead and she was near dead, she was basically so sick and weak, infested every part of her tiny body in fleas and maggots. I picked this cat up and took her to the vet. Vet didn't think she would live - was beyond saving. But I saved her. She became a strong healthy kitty and I found a good home for her. I have saved many. I have some squirrels that will take a nut from my hand. I had a chipmunk that came right up to me and sat on my foot (unfortunately the neighbors cat got him. So I have quite a pet cemetary going on in my yard.

I love cats, their eyes, their attitudes, personalities, my mom has 3 (she used to have 7! All of which she took in off the streets! I saved a dog in Mexico and took her back to the states as well along with another cat.

Went to the pet store today! Was playing with a mac caw (sp). What a cute bird he is the smallest of maccaws. He was kissing me, burrowing in my hair and letting me rub his head. I'm tempted to buy him but he will be alot of maintenance and I'm afraid with Benji the silky terrier, we'll he is not the type and I'm wondering how much time I can spend with this bird when Benji is around. MacCaws need alot of attention and freedom from their cages, and I'd be worried about him out and Benji. This will mean also going out and buying a much large cage as Chips cage is not right for him. My son (13) was afraid of him because he has a strong beak and if he did ever bite hard you would be missing a finger or ear!

But I'm so sad to read about all the pets you lost inside of one year, that is really too much to handle.

Thanks for the comments and prayers, healing for you and your family critters and other :o)

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