Tribute & Poems

My Sweet Candy


Nov. 29 1988 Nov. 08 1997

We have three Loving Cocker Spaniels. Buffy Tobby and Candy. All of

them give us alot of happiness and Love. But once in awhile a pet comes

along thats beyond a normal family member . "Candy" is and was one of a

kind! As all you folks know your pets all have their own personality. But

Candy more so then most! After a number of Heart Attacks that put me

out of work after 25 years at Coca-Cola my family life seem to fall part,

with bad luck and hard times. Things got real hard and some how Candy

knew this. " Candy" with all her Love seem to understand our hard times,

always their to talk too or just doing something funny or smart to change

the blues to something good! Being home on disability "Candy" seem to

bond to me. No matter where I went she followed . From early morning to

sleeping on my pillow at night and wagging her tail all the time. We all will

have an empty feeling in our Hearts forever!

(I'm not too smart in writing things.)


" I'll Do It For You"!!


" Candy you have been a family member for over 8 years you know,

Your our Sweet CANDY who we do LOVE so!"

"You gave us lots of Love and Happiness too,

Through good times and bad or when we were blue."

"You were more human then some humans ever could show,

You always wagged your tail from springtime - to - snow."

"Now you are gone its hard not to cry,

Even though your in Heaven high in the sky."


"Candy" All our Love and Hearts are with you Always!