Tribute & Poems

Oct 7, 1997 ---- Aug 25, 2007

Labrador Retriever

Our Cody passed away August 25th, 2007. He was only 9 ½ years old. In May he had a low-grade malignant soft tissue sarcoma, hemangiopericytoma surgically removed from his neck and we were told that it was completely removed. We continued to check for any new topical tumors (photographed).

The veterinarian would aspirate all the lipomas that we would find. In August we found another red mass behind his right ear and our Veterinarian removed it and said it did not look malignant. After the surgery, Cody was tired and just seemed sad. Cody developed a bacterial infection at the excision site and was not eating but would if hand fed. We were sent home with medications for a hot spot. Cody tried to go for walks and eat but had to be carried home. He would not leave us in the kitchen and we cooked his favorites. Cody looked at us with “Help me eyes” and then had a seizure and collapsed, returned in panic to the vet.

This time x-rays and blood work showed us an enlarged heart, possible ruptured spleen and low anemia, we rushed to the Emergency Vet hospital. The Emergency vet said they tried to stabilize his heart and drain fluids, but he was not responding to CPR. Cody died due to pericardial effusion, ruptured neoplasia (hemangiosarcoma or chemodectoma). Our poor Cody, unknowing to us a tumor
had spread into his heart.

We requested cremation and left in tears. Shocked as parents there was nothing we could do. Cody loved walks with Cheetah, baths and lots of love. He gave years of service as a Pet Therapy Dog in nursing hospitals and a newspaper printed photos of him working. Cody loved to wiggle his butt when you called him “Boogedy-Boogedy”. This was the sweetest dog to everyone. Our family is deeply sorrowed and will miss him always!


Mommy & Daddy & Cheetah