Tribute & Poems

"Bastet (Puss)"
Aug 26, 1986 ---- July 7, 2004

Himalyan, Tortie Point

Puss, you will always be missed and never forgotten,
our bond remains strong and unbreakable. I am left behind without you but know we will be together again.
You are and always will be, the best Cat
in the whole wide world.
You were tired and I know you stayed a little longer for
me and still are with me.
I thank you for giving me 18 loving years and I thank you
for picking me to be your Mommie.
I love you Puss, you will always be my little baby girl.

A Few Words About Puss:
She led a healthy, happy,contented life and gave me endless love and joy.
In July, 2001 I noticed her fur looked a
little greasy and she began playing and
running around more than usual. One day
while stroking her under her chin I felt a
lump the size of a pea. She was diagnosed
with hyperthyroidism. The Vet and myself
did not think surgery would be successful
because of her age. The Tapazole worked
very well and kept her T 2 levels in normal
range until December, 2003. She began
losing weight.
Puss fought hard but July 4, 2004 the sign I did not want to see began, she stopped eating. Puss was a good eater, never finicky and such a good
little girl. Cats stop eating for two days
before they die.
On July 7th she kept giving me long looks.
Her hind legs had weakened, she could no
longer walk. I had taken her into the
Dining Room near the sliding glass doors
which was one of her favorite spots to
sunbathe and watch the birds. An hour and
twenty minutes later at 2:25 PM, Puss took
her last breath. She had chosen the spot
to die,where the sun streamed in on her silky fur
as it had for almost 18 years.
Hyperthyroidism has become widespread with
Cats. There are no answers yet however it
is believed that canned food is the cause.

I Love You Puss, You're The Best Cat In The Whole Wide World.
Your Loving Mommy