Tribute & Poems

Jan 24, 1988 ---- Feb 22, 2003

Cocker Spaniel

Toby, I do and will always Love and miss you.
Your Loving Memories will always live on in my Heart and Soul Beyond time itself.
This morning after the night that has broken my Heart in so many pieces, I got up like normal to feed you . Then looking where you normally sleep, you were gone. Then it hit me! My baby has passed beyond lifeís gateway. I just went back to bed and cried and remembering back to the night before. When I had to say the best thing to do. For me or for you? I picked for you and I may never know if
that was correct or not.
Youíre the last of my 3 babies, I started with, 15 years ago and your loss will tear at my Heart for many days to come. I still look for you at your special places you sleep. The memory of that night you left. As I held you and kissed you good-bye and to see your tail wag before you passed. A sign many feel is a sign to say: "Dad it is okay, I will be in Heaven and Thank You for the Life we have shared".
Today as I look out on the deck, I cry as I see your paw prints in the snow, as the rain came down and started to wash my babies prints away. I get a strong empty feeling, of Love and sharing being removed from me. Your prints will always remain in my Heart. But to see your prints going slowly, hurts so much!! I Miss You So!!!

I remember back when all three of you were puppies and the fun we had and all the dog shows we went to. The fun you all three had growing up. After the loss of "Candy" and then "Buffy". Then it was just you and me. I guess so many times. I hoped I would go before you, so Iíd never get to see you go. "I was so wrong."
This house seems to be Loveless and so empty, today and Iím sure for days down the road. Every little thing, I cry and cry. I know you are better and playing with "Candy" and "Buffy". But the broken Heart I have,
will be broken for some time .

I do Love and miss you so much and times we have shared. Just wish you was still here.

Love You with all my Heart!