Tribute & Poems

Jan 1, 1987 ---- Aug 23, 2001

Cocker Spaniel

God has taken my youngest and now he has taken my oldest baby away. "Buffy" You gave us 15 years of Love Understanding and Happiness. You were always mommies baby. But you still gave me 100% of your Love. Maybe even more so when I had treats and food to share. You never once got upset when we got 2 other doggies in the house.

("Candy" and Toby )

You treated them like you treated everyone. With Love and as part of the family. All these years you gave so much and with all the Health problems in these past few years.

You hung in there and always looked and acted like the puppy we got 15 years ago. Carrying your treats in your mouth like a cigar I think to tease the others and show you still have your treat and they ate theirs and kicking your feet like a bull when I showed you a treat. You gave many smiles with all your Love.

You were so funny after going to the bath room. You would dig up the ground with all 4 feet just kicking away. Even Toby started to copy you. Remember how hard "Candy" tried to do that. She could never get her feet going right. You have been gone 3 hours now and I can't really think straight. Mommy cried her self to sleep. Just 5 hours ago you were acting like a puppy. Trying to get me to give you more treats.

Following mommy around because she was at work all do you had a seizure this morning and it was pretty bad. But you did great after.

Then as I was working on "In Memory Of Pets" I heard mommy say You were having another seizure I called the Vet after because you wasn't breathing right and you couldn't stand up.

So the Vet called in to CVS and I went to pick your pills up. I was gone about 35 minutes and when I got home. You were even worse. So called Vet back to see if he could meet us at his office. Your temperature was 108 and the Vet said you were failing. I just couldn't believe it. You were in so much pain and you couldn't stand or settle down. Your tongue was purple and you were going into Heart failure.

Your Mommy and I had to let the Vet know what to do. I don't like giving up. But the vet said with 108 temp. something was really messed up to have that come on that fast.

I was hoping to have the vet give you a shot to get you relaxed and then maybe we could get your Temperature down. But! Nothing seem to work and finding out a Temp over 107 in many cases causes brain cell damage.

I never like giving into passing but risking the out come of your high temperature and the pain you were in at this time.

We let you go to be with "Candy".

Did we do the right thing? Thinking back a few hours and remembering what you were going through and the 3 seizures you had with in 3 hours and taking in what the Vet said. Yes!!

But that's not what I really wanted to do. You were always a fighter and wanted to give all the time I could in hoping you would bounce back.

Sometimes humans wait too long in hoping for the best and sometimes they don't wait long enough. In my mind we waited waited long enough to have God help you come back.

In my Heart we didn't wait long enough. With all the Loving memories we have shared and the good times we all shared with
Toby and "Candy".

You and "Candy" are together again. All in good Health and waiting for us to join you.

Beyond Life's Gateway.

Loving Memories always

Your Daddy