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my angles

Posted By: susan lewis (0-1pool236-30.nas16.columbus1.oh.us.da.qwest.net )
Date: Tuesday, 16 September 2003, at 11:45 p.m.

this is hard to start but my story starts 18 years ago i got my himi kitty austi he was my best friend so in tuned to me we were 2 peas in a pod ayear ago i had to put him down he had a tumor for a shot that was suppoes to keep him safe my vet was outstanding his dx on the nose austi had about a year to live i have many pets but austi was a healing kitty for me well i had my year and i gave him all of me told other kittys in my home that i also love beyond words that austi needs me he laid in my arms all ways and i would run my finger through his fur so i didnt need to brush him no one could belive how much he loved me i was truely blessed he is my angle and my heart will never let him go so on a saturday the tumor got huge and on sunday i knew it was his time the pain had come and he couldnt walk so monday april 1st we went back to my vet and he knew what we were there for and as with all my animals i wont leave them to die with out me but being bipolar i get very emotional but my vet understood that no matter how bad it hurt me i wasnt leaveing him at the last moment of his life and i held him and just kept telling him i love you austi forever and he passed in my arms and i brought him home wraped in a baby blanket and held him till my husband told me i had to let him go to be buried 17 years is a long time and but i still wanted more but i thank god today for that last year i had and his pain had only started on that last saturday and my other cats were by him for his last days they had great respect for him and i still am so amazed by him his love for me was the most wonderious thing but my story doesnt end there in july i got a himialayn baby a flamepoint and his name was darcy yes it is another tragitay he became very ill he had an infection that went to his brain and in sept i brought him home from the vet on a friday the vet knew he was doomed but i said im taking him home and i really thought he would get better but i stayed up all night friday and he passed at 6:15 am saturday morning i was beyound distrought and i didnt leave my bed for 2 months my depression was extream my husband and daughters were very consearned for me then my younger daughter found a breader online in my state she would have kittys for christmas then i started becoming more interested i picked up my noel dec 23 he is so perfect she let me have him early cause my pain was so deep and he know has become my healing kitty and he will be a year nov 25 so im going to be getting his niece in about 2 months and i am very very blessed al my kittys are my babies but noel has a little corner of my heart that holds my austi and darcy i thank god for them all susan