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Re: My Bobby

Posted By: Suz (ESS-p-144-138-13-112.mega.tmns.net.au )
Date: Saturday, 13 September 2003, at 6:40 a.m.

Louise, I went through the same thoughts as you. I lost my Waffle in December last year, his sister Polly is 2000. They were my children and I could never imagine myself getting another dog. I knew I could never replace Polly and Waffle, there is no dog out there that would even match them, BUT, I signed up the other weekend to do voluntary work at the local dog pound. I called in one morning 'just to see what dogs were there', there was another volunteer worker there and she told me she had taken a dog for a walk and she was very gentle. She showed me the dog, she looked very frightened being there, and something made me go and enquire about her. She was a stray, no one had claimed her or had their name against her for interest. I put my name down for her, telling them I had to check with family members at home. Some of my family was hesitant, only because we have another dog (Max) at home and my Mum didn't want Max upset by having another dog here (he knew my babies but was now quite settled at being on his own). This dog at the pound was to be put to sleep yesterday, so I said to my Mum can I take her and then find a new home for her, like being a foster Mum. She agreed, we brought her home today, she is very gentle and very clingy to both my husband and myself. I think we'll be keeping her. We took her straight to the vet, had her shots done, microchipped, wormed, booked her into being desexed on Monday (she is on heat so is a bit aggressive towards Max at the moment...that should change after desexing...hopefully). I have named her Jennie. When I saw her at the pound and she looked at me, the name Jennie came to me straight away. I believe she was meant for me because her impound number is the same as my driving license number! Maybe Polly and Waffle found her for me. We and the pound don't know her history as she was a stray, maybe she had a hard life and maybe Polly and Waffle wanted me to have her because they knew I would give her a wonderful life as I had with them. I thought today while I was sitting with her, she is nothing like my babies, she is a whole different personality (although she does put her paw up to us like Waffle use to), but I saved her life. She is now lying beside me on a comfy dog mattress. She will have a spoilt life from now on, just like my babies did with me. She's had raw bones and other food and a warm hydrobath today. She is so soft after her bath. She keeps getting up from her bed for pats and reassurance, which I gladly give her. Her eyes really do have a deep soul in them. I only wish I could know what she is thinking or the history of her. Jennie isn't replacing Polly and Waffle, she is simply another member to the family. Polly and Waffle know that and they know they will always be my special babies.
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