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In honor of Big Guy

Posted By: Sammy's Owner (ip68-98-120-96.ph.ph.cox.net )
Date: Sunday, 14 September 2003, at 5:44 p.m.

It just hit me that this month, Sept 3rd to be exact, marks the 1 year anniversary of when I said 'good bye Big Guy, see you in Heaven'. I am not grieving for him anymore and really did not too much because he had such a full life. He seemed so happy.

Big Guy was a stray when I moved here in 1972. He had been in the neighborhood for 6 - 7 years before that just going from house to house. Naturally I fed him. He never came inside as he was a big, outside kitty who did not like other animals and I had my 3 inside kittys and 2 dogs. He was black and white, huge, with a crooked tiny tail, and he squeaked instead of meowing.

My front yard was his. No cat or dog could walk by without being challenged. He knew when my car came down the road and would walk to the drive way and wait for me. When it was cold or rainy, I would make him come into the garage and sleep in his bed. It did not matter if it was 2 am, I'd hear the rain and wake up and call him...he'd come. He was so cool.

Last summer he started losign weight and I thought it is old age (16-17 years old) plus Arizona is extremely hot. Finally when he did not even lift his head to acknowledge me, I knew it was more than just that and he had kidney failure. The vet said she could prolong his life for a few months, but I said no it is time to let him go before he really suffers. She agreed. She looked at him on my lap and said he loves you so much and you love him so much, it shows. You have given him a wonderful life and I thought yes, I have, but he has given me one too!

I know he is in Heaven with my mom being spoiled and hopefully he has gotten over the solo attitude and is playing and caring for my Sammy Joe until I join them someday!

This is to you Big Guy - you are a wonderful friend!

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In honor of Big Guy
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