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Cindy's unborn Kittens

Posted By: Nannsies (cache-db05.proxy.aol.com )
Date: Sunday, 14 September 2003, at 5:28 p.m.

My kitty cat, CindyLou, was spayed today and in the process she lost her unborn babies.
I am very sad for her and for us.
I feel so guilty but it had to be.
You see she was pregnant with her son, Buffy.
She is the product of inbreeding herself and several of her babies she has had in her past two litters are damaged by it.
I agonized making this decision but in the end I had to make the right decision for us all.
I had her in to be spayed BEFORE she got pregnant but they would not do her because she had a slight runny nose.
This was 3 weeks ago. I took her today and they spayed her. I knew she was pregnant and they confirmed it. I just hope the little angels and God and Cindy can forgive me. I feel so guilty. As much as I love cats, I allowed those babies to be killed. Did I do the wrong thing? In my head, I know I did the right thing. But my heart is not so sure.
It will take time and lots of prayers to learn to live with this one.
Cindy is not well at all. She vomitted on the way home from the vet and cannot seem to get comfortable. She could use some prayers too. She is a sweet beautiful girl as are all her babies. She has 3 sons from last years litter and 2 sons and 3 daughters from her litter she had March of this year. Of the 8 kittens 6 of them have serious health problems. 2 of her boys from her first litter had some kind of seizures when they were about 6 months old and have serious recurring respiratory infections.
I just could not let this continue. Not only is it very expensive to care for them but it is heart wrenching to see them suffer so much. But on the bright side, they do seem happy and they are very loving and sweet not to mention beautiful.
Well, thanks for listening. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
I lit a candle at the candlelight rose ceremony for them. Even if I did not ever get to see them or hold them. I know I would have loved them. How could I not love them? They were Cindy's babies.
Love and Life,

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Cindy's unborn Kittens
Nannsies (cache-db05.proxy.aol.com ) -- Sunday, 14 September 2003, at 5:28 p.m.
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