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Our Bonnie

Posted By: Wm. & Jo Ann (sdn-ap-021scfairP0137.dialsprint.net )
Date: Tuesday, 12 August 2003, at 4:26 p.m.

We picked Bonnie up from the Vets, after 3 days there....She is so weak,
poor baby, and we are so
worried....There is more testing next week, and we are having an ultra
sound, and liver biopsy done...
trying so hard to find the cause of her liver disease....then we will know
how to fight it....please keep
us all in your prayers....and thanks for caring...We need a shoulder to cry
on right now....It's so difficult....

We have 4 medications to get into her a day....one of the liquid ones is
very vile tasting, {according to
our Vet} and we cannot let it touch her tongue....very difficult....
But she is being so good about all of this, has about 6 needle marks, plus
the IV shaven leg one....
This message board has been such a comfort and
blessing to us...Thank you all....

In Animal friendship,
Jo Ann and Will

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