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Sad begining to the day

Posted By: Randi ( )
Date: Saturday, 26 July 2003, at 6:26 p.m.

This morning on my way to work I pasted a cat that had been run over in the road. Something told me to turn around and go back, so when I did I noticed that it was in a different position and thought it had been hit again but as I approached it I noticed her breathing. I started to pick her up and she got scared and hissed and tryed to run off, thats when I saw she had one front leg and one back leg broke and also the skin pulled away from the bottom jaw. I wea out in the middle of the road trying to calm this kitty so she would'nt run in front of a car and get hit again, I had a towel in my car that I got and covered her with it so I could pick her up without getting bit and it worked. She seemed to be losing the battle and I made an emergency call to my vet and he said to take her to the office back door where there was someone to meet me. The kitty made it to the vets but was in very poor condition and my biggest concern was to keep her from suffering. They felt it would be best to put her to sleep for she was just to far gone. It's sad to think that someone could hit a poor little animal and not go back to see if it was ok. I was late for work and explaining waht happened is had to do because so many look at it as jaust a cat. I cried most the day and talked to my Buffy to please be there for the kitty when she goes to Rainbow Bridge. I only wished I could do more. Buffy, I miss you so very much and it's times like this that I really need you here. Love you always Little Girl.

Randi (Buffy 3/11/02)

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Sad begining to the day
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