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Posted By: Pat and Stewart Merrill (cache-db05.proxy.aol.com )
Date: Thursday, 17 July 2003, at 6:45 p.m.

Only six months ago Stewart and I found you (or you found us). Stewart had fought me for so many years about getting a dog ("ABSOLUTELY NOT! You bring home a dog and I'm out of here!") Now that you got to know Stewart and love him like I do, you know this was totally out of character for him. He's a wonderful husband, but was adamant about "NO DOGS!" Then we went out that Sunday afternoon and and there you were. Stewart would always let me "look" and "get my dog fix in", so we went to just "look". When I saw you in the box (all 14 ounces of you!), I picked you up and you laid your head on my shoulder. And then we bonded! I never had to say a word, but you spoke to my heart (and I guess Stewart's too) because after a while he came over and said, "Pat, I've fought you for over 21 years. If you really want that dog, you can take it home." You had been speaking to my spirit and telling me that if he agreed you'd stay small, wouldn't be much trouble, wouldn't yap much, and not make too much of a mess!" Well, baby, you did all those things. You were the best little dog and Stewart grew to love you as much as I do. When you got so very sick, we wanted you so much to get well. You couldn't move anymore, and you'd open your mouth like a baby bird and try so hard to breathe! But we nursed you and loved you, and at the end, Stewart was the one who wanted to hold you when put you to sleep. He loved you, too, baby, and he didn't want you to be alone. The hardest part was when your sweet little button eyes never closed, but just kept watching us. The doctor tried to close them, but couldn't. But I want to believe that you just wanted to watch us as long as you could. Sweet baby, please know how much you enriched our lives for the last six months; keeping me company when Stewart was at work nights, going with us EVERYWHERE whenever we could. I had a real hard time tonight coming downstairs. I kept expecting to see your little body waiting for me like it always did, and Stewart misses your little warm body next to him when he sleeps. I've had people tell me the last couple of days the greatest tribute we could pay you is to get another little dog and love them like we loved you. Mr. "I never wanted a dog" was even the first to say it! See how you opened his heart, honey? Oh, how I miss you!

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