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Re: Light of My Life

Posted By: Helga (ffm2-t4-1.mcbone.net )
Date: Tuesday, 15 July 2003, at 5:51 p.m.

Dear Emmy,

Im sorry to hear about your Tango. He was a big part of your life and now that he is gone, there is emptiness. Little Eva is not a substitute - she can never be. She is her own self - she looks and acts different. But our liitle friends have one thing in common - they give us their love, not asking for anything but a little bit of love back.

Little Timmy is not as sweet and loving as Teddy was, Timmy is a little rascal - allways up to some sort of mischief. But on the other hand he is easier to handle than Teddy was, Teddy allways wanted to have things his way while Timmy will mind to what Im saying more.

Little Timmy soon learned when to leave me alone ( when I was not in a good mood ) but he allways came running to me eager to play and cuddle when I was up to it. During the monthes the times I wanted to be left alone and cry for my Teddy became less frequent, so I spent more time building a new relationship with Timmy.

I look at him now - he is such a sweet little youngster, so full of life and so happy. He had to put up with alot during those first monthes and I am truly sorry for that, Ive asked him to forgive me a thousand times - he just lickes my face as if to say "there is nothing to forgive - I knew youd really love me one day". So I guess I didnt do such a bad job after all.

I still miss my Teddy, and if right now I could only have one - Teddy or Timmy - and had to make a choice - I dont know which one Id choose. So from my experience what you are going through now is just part of the grieving process - it will pass. You took a step ahead and opened your home and your heart to Eva - it takes time to get to know her and the beautiful gift she has to give to you - her love.

Keep Tango in your heart and in your soul, he is to precious to be forgotten - but enjoy Eva and all the joy she will bring you.

Maybe Tango and Teddy are up in heaven playing ball or chasing girls and having a great time.

I hope, my words can help a little bit. Below is a poem I wrote during that time, it expresses the way I felt pretty good.

Give little Eva a hug from me and take care of her and yourself, best wishes to you.

Helga ( schnurzel.2@gmx.de ) + Little Timmy

Im just a little pup

Hey, Mom, why are you crying?
Was it something I did wrong?
I hope not - if it was - forgive me
For Im just a little pup

Hey, Mom, come on - lets play ball
why do you look so sad at me?
you see - I love to play ball
For Im just a little pup

Hey, Mom, look - the sun is shining
Why do you turn your head away?
I want to go for a stroll
For Im just a little pup

Hey, Mom, I heard them say
there was someone here before me
Is this why you are so sad? I d