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Re the selling of cat and dog fur products

Posted By: Robin (camax6-246.dialup.optusnet.com.au )
Date: Wednesday, 16 July 2003, at 1:11 a.m.

Gidday everyone,

I just wanted to get a quick note up to let all the people know where I am up to and where Im going with this issue as I have recieved a lot of e-mails from people informing me of locations where these products are being sold (KEEP THEM COMING-CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT IF WE DONT KNOW ABOUT IT) and for those who have no idea of what I am talking about scroll back to letter titled killing of dogs cats kittens and puppies for their fur.
I went back to the Menangle markets in particular stall number 103 and returned what I thought was the lot that I had bought,I found 2 more at home after I got home-one cat made of kitten fur and one dog made of the hair of what looks to be 4 different dogs.
I first went and plastered posters from one end of the markets to the other on Sunday explaing to people just what they were buying, also with photos of the offending merchandise on them.I then approched the Chinese stall owners requesting a immediate return of my money and voiced my disgust at the barbaric practice they were engaged in and supporting-they played dumb stating that they were made from plastic and refused to remove them from their display or sale. I yelled so that everyone in the market place was aware of what was happening and what this stall holder was engaged in,a big crowd soon circled my yelling so did get out the point I was trying to make across .
The manager of the market place came over with all my yelling but, when he realised that it had been exposed on National television appeared to be on my side, he said he could not remove them legally as there is no current law that bans the sale of such items in Australia.
After I returned home I got busy on the computer and wrote letters out to newspapers with photos and to as many relevant societys as I could find.
I have just got home from doing a interview and newspapers here are carying the story as front page (had my picture taken with the ones I had purchased). I was asked by another leading newspaper here for a exclusive but I told him that I was not prepared to agree to that as I felt this story is not about newspaper fame its about animal cruelty and that I thought the more that the story was carried and the story was told, the more consumers would be informed.
As I am covering my bases legally I eventually found a place that I could send the animals to to have them tested and positively identified as cat dog puppy kitten fur and just how many different types of fur on one of the finished products there were.
By a stroke of luck and after just so many international and National telphone calls I got onto the scientist who was responsiable for the dingo evidence at Lindy Chamberlains trial when she was accussed of k