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Woof's 1st Anniversary in Heaven

Posted By: Cathy (ip68-102-45-37.ks.ok.cox.net )
Date: Tuesday, 15 July 2003, at 5:56 p.m.

Woof went Home one year ago today. He was, and still is, a beautiful spirit--my angel dog. He would always look me in the eyes in a way that just went straight to my heart and made me feel the loving bond between us. Here is the link to his tribute page to show you his picture. I am still in the process of writing up something about his 14 years with us. I put a little excerpt below. And Thank you to Carole and everyone here at In Memory for always being there.


Woof(an Excerpt from his tribute-still in process)
Woof was a stray dog who showed up at our house on Memorial Day 1988. I quickly sized him up as not being a 'wild' dog because I could see he wore a collar(the tag hooks were cut off). I walked over and extended my hand below his head so that he could sniff my hand. After that, I realized that the least I could do is offer him some water. So, I ran into the house and filled an empty cookie tin with water. Boy, did he drink that water and then looked up at me and-- ZING--I think he bonded right then and there! I was doing yard work, so he hung around. At one point he wondered into the yard two houses down; the man there chased him. He came running--back to me!! And he positioned himself behind me! Shortly thereafter, he saw a person walking along the road adjacent to our yard and ran to the edge of our property and barked. Stupidly, I asked that person if that was their dog. Obviously not, but most importantly, this little 'operator' was showing me what he could do for me. "Hey, watch this, I am really a good watchdog !". And that was my first impression of Woof--quite the survivor--quite the little operator ! He hung around the neighborhood after that and tried to discretely just fit in with other families. I saw him across the street lying down on the lawn in the midst of a family gathering. I guess he figured if he acted like he belonged, they would just include him. But, he would always come back to me. Part of that might have had to do with the can of tuna I gave him on Day 2 ! I don't really know where he was during the daytime while I was at work, but when I pulled the car into the garage, there he was to greet me. In the meantime, the neighborhood was thinking-'well, are you going to adopt this dog or what'. They definitely associated him with us which leads to another amusing aspect of this dog---stealing ! In the course of a week, he brought us: 1 plastic mug, and from my one neighbor: her sneaker, a four foot piece of carpet (used as an outdoor mat), and an envelope filled with hollyhock seeds (that had been left on her doorstep with a note written on it to her from a frien