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Selling of stuffed toys made from cat and dog fur

Posted By: Robin (camax6-085.dialup.optusnet.com.au )
Date: Sunday, 13 July 2003, at 10:58 p.m.

Hi everyone who is visiting the message board,
I live in Australia and aprox 2 months ago while having a day out at our local Menangle markets (aprox 40 mins out of Sydney) I observed a Chinese couple attending to a stall which was selling stuffed animals toys or at least thats what I thought that they were that were sometimes poised sitting,or laying down-their were mother cats in baskets with 4-6 kittens around her. There were cats and dogs hundreds of them from large to small even numerous puppies that were curled up as though they were sleeping. When I walked over to the couple attending the stall with my curiosity as to the realistic appearence of them, I asked if these animals were made from any animal skins and was told no that it was synthetic/fake fur, so I purchased aprox 6 cats and 3 dogs with the intention of using them as models for my students to draw in school as I am a visual Arts teacher. They ranged in price from $5.00 to $25.00
Yesterday on our news I was horrified to see on the news a story about dogs and cats being killed (thousands a day ) in China (its legal to do it over there )so that they can use them to make fur coats (one shop in Sydney they showed had a fur coat for sale made out of 20 Alsation puppies),
then they showed the dog and cat animals that the fur had also been used to make (I quickly recognised them as being the type that I had bought to my horror ) they also filmed inside the concrete walled warehouse where there were piles of thousands and thousands of cat,kitten,dog,puppy pelts piled up,it also showed the animals caged,crowded and one dog that was chained up with a slice of his skin that had been taken off his back, and he was alive.
I have seen these toys if you want to call them that for sale in numerous market places here and it makes me realise that these things are being sold worldwide and if Australias anything to go by they must be killing a absolutley horrendous number of animals.
I am beside myself and cant wait for another sleep to pass so that I can go back to the Menangle markets on Sunday to confront these insanely cruel people.
Our news went on to say that the Australian goverment is moving to ban the selling of these items.
Has anyone else come across them, I would be interested in knowing.
I just feel so devestated about it.


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Selling of stuffed toys made from cat and dog fur
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