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Re: My Baby Missy Thanks

Posted By: George Henninger (pclk-216-37-161-240.ppp.pclk.epix.net )
Date: Wednesday, 9 July 2003, at 11:01 p.m.

Dear Pat and Steve,

Thanks for the support it is difficult when you have had a dog for half your life with you. And yes many people told me how blessed I was to have her for 19 wonderful yrs and ya know what they are right. Also I have 2 other dogs both are 18 yrs old and in perfect health all of my dogs are big breed dogs, I just wonder from time to time why they live so long. Also the Glucosomine Sulfate does work well your normal will not even tell you about it since they would rather make money on drugs they sell to you..but it works well for example when missy was 17 yrs old she already started to lose weight and got boney humans get the same way when very old too, first I put her on steroids to bulk her up it didnt work at all...then consulted my friend who is a vet that specializes in older dogs Glucosomine Sulfate worked she gained back weight and body tissue..I was elated...but after 2 yrs of this drug finally had to put her to sleep she was just very old and could not walk anymore..although I figured well she cant walk so what...will buy doggie diapers and escort her outside...but within one day Missy had plans of her own she did not eat or drink, food or water only one day after she could no longer walk, and she always ate like a pig..always, this was my que to have her put to sleep, I figured while she is still comfortable I will have it done...so since my vet is open 24 hours a day(a good thing)I can go there whenever I want(and yes you can it is great) I put Missy in her bed and had quality time with her, she kissed me I kissed her and pet her for 3 hours she loved it, finally I reclined the passanger seat of my car all the way down so Missy could lay down and be comfortable..on the way to the vets office I noticed Missy staring at me...so as I was driving looked straight ahead but out of the corner of my eye looked at her and still she was staring at me...very intently..like she knew she was going to put to peace at last...I got to the vets office and left Missy in the car(did not want her in an office full of people just to sit and wait)Told my vet I was here and to let me know when you are ready for Missy. She said bring in Missy now and brought my dog into a waiting room first on my way to a private room, everyone started to complement Missy saying she was beautiful and what are you here for, I swallowed real hard and said she is going to be put to sleep..she is 19 yrs old and cant walk, I went to the private room and held her in my arms told her I loved her and she was put to sleep,,,I was crying when leaving I was presented with a very large sympothy card on my way out signed by all the nurses and doctors and people that were in the waiting room,,it seems that the secratary had these cards in her desk and passed it around,,,