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My Baby Missy Thanks

Posted By: George Henninger (pclk-216-37-161-170.ppp.pclk.epix.net )
Date: Wednesday, 9 July 2003, at 7:35 p.m.

I really want to say thanks to all of you, you have been a blessing, it has been 24 hours since I had to put my baby Missy to sleep and it is not easy, it is like being in living hell. I know I did the right thing but I guess the thing is this Missy has been with me half my life, I am 38 yrs I adoped her when I was 19 yrs, she was with me for 19 yrs, I guess this makes it extra hard..the dog I grew up with//I also have 2 18 yr old dogs and yes grew up with them too I love them all...but right now a living hell..I know time heals wounds and it will///but right now something I never expected. Also would like to share something with people who have older dogs...my personal friend is a vet and she told me this when you have an older dog or cat give them Glucosamine Sulfate, it lubracates the animals joints and rebuilds cartilage tissue this helps animals with arthwritiss and limping, my Missy was on it for 2 yrs and it helped her stay pain free from old age. The drug is over the counter//you can buy it off the shelf and the drug seems harmless no side effects it can be found in Walmart 200 hundred tablets at about seven dolars and one thousand mg each tablet a 30 lb dog would get the full one thousand mg tablet, jst mix it in with their food, it takes about 30 days to see the results, one tablet per day. I hope the info I provided helps....again thanks to you all, you have been so kind and understanding right now my eyes are red from missing my Missy and in 24 hours I guess it is the...I cant belive she is gone thing..it hurts very bad but when over it will enjoy just wonderful memories of her..hey guys thanks so much///Love ya all George

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My Baby Missy Thanks
George Henninger (pclk-216-37-161-170.ppp.pclk.epix.net ) -- Wednesday, 9 July 2003, at 7:35 p.m.
Re: My Baby Missy Thanks
Noreen and Mac (ool-4351276d.dyn.optonline.net ) -- Monday, 7 July 2003, at 9:51 p.m.

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