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My Missy Henninger

Posted By: George Henninger (pclk-199-224-76-100.ppp.pclk.epix.net )
Date: Friday, 11 July 2003, at 8:08 p.m.

I had just lost Missy today she was half collie and half german sheppard and a beautiful dog. Born in june 1984 and passed away july 6th 2003 she was 19 yrs old, and in perfect health just had a full blood work done last month. Although she was never in any pain since near the end she could barely walk (rear hips) but she would never sit down and always walk around the house finally she could not get up at all, I was prepared for this and decided that I would buy diapers for her and walk her in the yard by holding her up she could walk if assited, and never in any pain. But after about a day later she had other plans, she started to throw-up (something she never did) and funny as it seems after I cleaned her up I looked at her and all she did was stare at me, she never did that before then she threw-up a second time, I got the message that if she could not walk she did not want to be around, it was a clear message I got in my mind, it was very strange that things about what she wanted all of a sudden came to me, so called my vet to put her to sleep, I had 3 hours with her, I put her in her bed and for 3 hrs hugged and kissed her, at the vets office I held her in my hands, on my lap and wished her well at Rainbow Bridge...my baby was then gone.
As I write this I am crying but I think this message forum is great I think it helps us all in greiving our pets...although she is only hours passed away I wrote a poem to share with everyone and I do not write poems it just came to me.
Borm as a puppy soft and cute, I came into this world wide-eyed and playfull and full of love, the wonderous things my friend shows me. And as I get older my love is unconditional never getting mad and always there, to greet my owner. My home is safe and complete. And when I get too old or sick to care for myself. I pray you let me go with no heroic efforts, staying by my side till life is done, knowing that you have loved me.

I will say it is tough loosing a dog and I feel so bad right now continuing to cry but I know things will get better with time.
I took off one week from work because dont want to cry around other people or bring them down..I am always upbeat. My little memorial to my Missy the least she deserves.

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My Missy Henninger
George Henninger (pclk-199-224-76-100.ppp.pclk.epix.net ) -- Friday, 11 July 2003, at 8:08 p.m.