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Re: A Gift from My Baby Kodiak

Posted By: Nancy Lancor (cache-ntc-ad12.proxy.aol.com )
Date: Wednesday, 25 June 2003, at 7:31 p.m.

Dear Dante`:
I am so glad that your Kodi comes and visits her lonely heartbroken daddy. I do believe that when you have a special bond like you have with your Kodi girl and I have with my two Min Pins, these furbabies will always find a way to connect to let us know that they are still here and are okay.
My baby boy Rosco came to me in a dream to let me know he was okay and that he would be there when his brother Ziggy had surgery and told me that God told him that Ziggy didn`t have cancer, and Zig didn`t have but we still lost him during the post op. The vet thinks he threw a blood clot and it went straight to the brain, it was at least fast. It isn`t easy to lose them no matter how they depart from us or the length of time we have them with us. My heart is still so heavy and aches so for these two precious angel boys. Ziggy hasn`t came to me yet, but he will when it is time.
It is so good to hear that Kodiak sent this new baby Kwest to her daddy so that he wouldn`t be so loney, I`m sure she is giving the new baby girl some pointers on what her daddy likes and dis-likes.
Our new baby boy Min Pin had so many of the traits and manners that the boys had and also has some that our little girl Zarah has. Our Zarah, who is an offspring of Ziggy, still misses her daddy, especially at night and first thing in the morning. She is starting to except this new little soul into her life but he is still bouncy and she will be 10 in October. He at least is getting her motivated again and helping all our hearts to heal.
These new little ones will never take the place of these other darlings but they will help to keep the good memories of them alive. I see so many things in this new sweet baby boy that reminds me so much of little things that happened with these other two baby boys and Zarah when they were babies, that I had forgotten. It brings smiles to me and warms my broken heart when my memory gets a such nice welcome jump start.
I almost wasn`t going to get another baby because of how it hurts when we lose them, but I would have rather loved and been loved by these precious little Min Pins, then to have never loved or been loved by just gentle little souls.
Good luck Dante` with your new sweet baby girl Kwest and sweet dreams with your sweet angel baby girl Kodi. She is now her daddy`s Guardian Angel.
Please keep us all informed on your special visits from your angel and also let us know how little Kwest is doing.
A Friend In Pets, Nancy & Don
Rosco 10/8/90 - 2/16/03 Ziggy 7/9/92 - 5/3/03
These baby boy angels are buried in our hearts and deep in our souls.