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A Gift from My Baby Kodiak

Posted By: Dante' ( )
Date: Sunday, 29 June 2003, at 11:10 a.m.

Hello everyone. It has been a week and four days since last I posted, and since Kodi and I kissed one another for the last time in this lifetime.

I cannot explain how deeply I hurt and miss my Boo Boo. As expected, I cry everyday. It comes in waves and feels like a knife cutting into my heart each time. I received a sympathy card from Dr. Cavender this afternoon, and as sweet as it was, it really stung. My God I miss her.

Now, here is where Fate and Faith have come into play.

Since the next morning after her passing, I have found numerous feathers throughout our house. Next to my side of the bed, the spare bedroom, the living room, etc. These have literally been full sized feathers as well, not the kind that would come out of a pillow. That has been leaving me with a some endearing smiles along with tears, as I have wondered if in fact it is possible they have been signs from her. I have also had distnct feelings when I've been alone that she was near me. They are the same type of feelings I used to have when I knew she was coming down the satirs to see me in our living room for so many years.It is really a hard feeling to describe, and I've been unsure if it was infact her, or if it is simply my emotions and vivid imagination making these things happen. That is the example of Faith.

Now for Fate.

On this past Sunday, my wife and I took a ride down to lower Michigan, about 2 hours from our home to pay a visit to a breeder that just happened to fall into our lap at a time when she and I had been discussing a possible puppy to help make the house feel less cold and empty. We had only been talking of it briefly on the phone, when somebody I work with overheard a piece of the conversation and told me of the breeder.

We arrived at the breeder's home, only to be swamped the minute we stepped out of our SUV by a litter of 8 and 1/2 week old pure breed rottweilers, all yipping and crying and happy just to be alive. We spent time with all of them over about an hour or two, along with both the parents (daddy is 145lbs. and mommy is 85lbs.).

Then it happened. one little girl had been paying alot of attention to me, so I picked her up to get a good look at her cute little face, and she stretched forward and kissed me atleast ten times on the end of my nose. Half and hour later, our new baby rottweiler was sleeping in my wife's lap on the long ride back to her new home.

Once home, she was a bit spooked and shy, so I set her down onthe lawn in front of our front door. I realized suddenly that this was the very last spot Kodiak had stood in on our last Friday before I scooped her up into my arms crying, and carried her to the truck for the final ride to the vet's office. I sat down next to the puppy and softly pet her head and I started to really get choked up, and then I noticed it. Laying directly next to her little furry bottom, and I mean right next to it, was a single, long feather. I swear to the Lord above what I am saying is true, and I had to take a double take to believe what I was seeing myself. Luckily there wasn't anyone around me at that moment (my wife was inside getting the puupy some water), because I was incapable of speech. Tears rolled off of my face like water and I stared at the feather while I continued to pet the puppy's head and silky ears. Then, she stood up, hobbled to me and kisseed me again on the chin and mouth, and plopped down into my lap. Softly and through the tears, I said "Thank You Kodi" over and over and over.

I have named the new rottie Kwest (pronounced Quest), and have spelled it as such with a "K" in memory and honor of my beloved angel Kodiak. Although this precious little one will never be able to take the place of literally what was the ultimate love of my life, I feel that through Fate and Faith, my Kodi has once again done what she had to do to make sure her Daddy was safe and happy. I am still getting those feelings that she is there, hopefully watching over me and guiding the little one to become all that she can be, and I am also periodically coming across these unexplainable feathers in the house. Outside is easier to discredit, but inside the house makes no sense to me other than what I believe them to be.

So once again, it would seem I have the beginnings of yet another great love story evolved out of Faith and Fate as I had almost thirteen years ago when I happened upon that big stray in Florida, who needed a home to give birth to a little three toed angel named Kodiak. I can only hope that the story of Kwest story evolves as wonderfully as the one of Dante' and Kodiak did so long ago.

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