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Posted By: Andre` (ip68-110-92-130.ph.ph.cox.net )
Date: Tuesday, 24 June 2003, at 7:52 p.m.

Yesterday Sunday was a year that my girl Freckles died in my arms. And today in date the 23rd of June. I have missed her so much it doesn't seem as a year has gone by hence so much has happened since the moment she departed. My grief for her has been on going situation. I am not sure I have grieved properly, as I mentioned to Carole one time recently. It is painful of course like all of us have gone through this agonizing process. I call her name out every single day for the last year now. I always call out her name to my other two Cocker Spaniels. I had to get a puppy for my other Cocker Spaniel since she was close to dying herself due to grief and not eating, but thank God that has changed since I brought the baby puppy home to her it took a while for her to adjust when he was only five weeks old. I could understand why she did not want anything to do with the baby pup. Since Freckles was in Moka's life for five years. Freckles was 12 1/2 years old. It is truly unfortunate but she was killed by two vets.

That is another process still dealing with.
I miss my girl I hold her Oak Box Ashes in my hands close to my chest yesterday and today.
I always remember how she would look at me in the car and wait to see if she could sit on my lap and if I raised my eye brows to say come over and she would immediately give me kisses and kisses saying thank you thank you as I drove.
I thank all of you for those who were there for me last June 23/2002 and for posting my tribute too. My life changed completely since that afternoon. "I love you Freckles" beedeebop.

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