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Re: My Kodiak

Posted By: Dante' (s02a.gnmipr.gm.com )
Date: Tuesday, 10 June 2003, at 5:02 a.m.

I want to thank you all so much for your kind words, and sharing your experiences with me. Although they bring me to tears, they truly warm my heart inside and give me strength.

My wife and I went to visit my little Mary Puppins, Kodi this morning and set with her for a couple of hours until the vet felt it was time to get back to her medicine and rest. She seems very weak to now, and I spent 20 minutes alone with her telling her about the Rainbow Bridge, and looking deep into her soft brown eyes for guidance. I spoke with her vet about it, but she feels Kodi at this point is not out of fight within her, and wants to hold her atleast one more night. She has begun to eat and drink, keeping it down, and has perked up. They are flushing her kidneys through an IV, and feel that it can recover as well. From this point they are recommending beginning treatments of radiation before I throw in the towel.

I am going to follow her doctor's advice for now. It is so abdundantly apparent now how much her vet cares for her. She has been looking after Kodiak for years and years, and even though she has serviced probably thousands of animals throughout the years, she has really taken to Kodi. I remember all the visits we would make over time to her office. Kodi would always be upset to get there (as any pookey would be), but she would always get excited to see her doctor, and her doctor became more and more excited to see her. Anne (the vet), has saved my baby multiple times over the years, from severe hip arthritis when she was nine, to a highly infected pancreas when she was ten, and a few others. She really feels my Vumpy Doo has an opportunity to get through this, and hopefully live happy and comfortable for as long as God says she can stay with me. So I will give her a shot to do this. Ofcourse, it is dependant on Kodi eating solids and retaining them as well as liquids, in order to gain strength and stamina neccessary to go through treatment. I am crying and praying every few minutes now, and I can only hope that my suffering is far greater than my baby's. If not, than I am making a horrible mistake. Anne says that because of the meds, she is not suffering at all, and if and when this becomes a factor, she (Anne) will address it immediately and notify me, so that I can give one last precious gift of love to my special little girlfriend. I seem to be fighting Father Time and Mother Nature now.

I've spent the rest of the day so far remembering long past wonderful memories of her. It is amazing how the possible impending end can allow you to think of things so far behind you; things that were so minute back then, but are so immensely important now. I have remembered things that we shared over eleven years ago that lasted for probably less than a minute, but at the time I rememeber they made me laugh a